4 suggestions to help You be successful in college

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4 suggestions to help You be successful in College

College is fun, but it can also be challenging and scary. One moment you are having fun with school friends, and the next you find yourself in a sea of unknown faces, feeling confused and lost. With the fall semester beginning in a matter of months, now would be a good time to get to know a few tricks to make your college experience a little smoother.

Here are 4 P’s–Perseverance, personal Space, Professionalism, Protagonist–to help you be successful on campus:

Nu ai fost pe faza, ai pierdut

The first and many basic ground guideline of any college: try.  

You can’t be bad at something unless you know what that thing is. The whole emotional and physical shift from grade school to university isn’t rainbows and sunshine. but give it enough time, and you can grow into the challenge. Don’t compare your success and failure to your classmates and friends. They’re here with an agenda of their own, and so are you. Your work ought to be a reflection of your credibility and PERSEVERANCE.

Tip: Make a routine, and try following it on many days. It’s alright to say no to some social events and parties. get into clubs or an organization that genuinely interests you to help you stay focused on your studies.

That’s Your Spot

One of the things a lot of young people forget to take care of – their own self. While in college, your physical and mental clarity is as essential as the F you’re trying to avoid on your grade sheet. When you get sick, you miss classes, miss your pals and miss out on other fun and essential opportunities.  A healthy, suitable working environment, with a clear head, keeps your personal space in check, while helping you continue toward your bright future.

Tip: get a complete medical check-up before you head to college. pack yourself a medical aid box. keep contact with the college counselor or a family member, and be honesty with your feelings about day-to-day things.

Adulting Isn’t Boring

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Having made it to college in the first place is a pretty big deal. To maximize this experience, work on building a certain skill set that would help in the betterment of the community in some way or another. Unlike high school, building and maintaining your professional decorum while helping the community is something that is a large part of the college learning experience. 

Tip: participate in classroom discussion and the activities of a club or organization you join. treat all your colleagues with respect.

Be Your own Superhero

Changes are hard in life. but choosing a shortcut isn’t going to help you in the long run. So, be it your assignments, papers, projects or any other work that you find yourself completing, don’t plagiarize. Don’t be someone else. Fii tu insuti. figure out the kind of lifestyle you would want to build for yourself and keep track of your progress towards that goal.

Tip: This is your life, and you’re the PROTAGONIST of your own movie. If you feel you’re addicted to smartphones and it’s interrupting your ability to be fully engaged in your own life, look for a good mobile hangover cure. Take back control of your own life and achieve your goals.

Good luck to all the freshmen. Make good memories!

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